You’re getting hitched! Congrats! As you’ve most likely seen, when you report an engagement, individuals begin seeking clarification on some things. Yet, one thing you didn’t expect is the number of inquiries you that might have of your own. For instance: what size ring am I? (Reply: you can find out with our free ring size pack.) Model two: there’s rose gold and yellow gold, might there be platinum gold? Gold platinum? (Reply: there can’t). Be that as it may, never dread, we’re here to address your inquiries.

Today, we’re answering one we get asked a great deal: the best metal for your wedding bands (sorry Metallica fans, this post isn’t about the best metal band for your wedding). This post contains supportive data for finding the ideal metal for engagement rings also!

We become gotten some information about the best metal for men’s wedding bands, however this article is expected for any individual of any orientation, and there aren’t any guidelines about metals for men – – anybody can shake a ring of any material!


You might know that platinum is a famous decision for wedding rings, however did you had at least some idea that platinum has other unforeseen purposes? Since its compound properties make it the world’s generally lifeless metal, platinum is many times utilized in exhaust systems in vehicles, transports, and trucks. Exhaust systems are utilized to change over 98% of harmful outflows into a non-poisonous final result.

Platinum is additionally incredibly interesting. As per the World Platinum Investment Chamber, all the platinum at any point mined would just fill your lower legs in an over-sized pool. All the gold at any point mined would fill three very large pools. Presently if it’s not too much trouble, excuse me while I attempt to chase down a pool brimming with gold to do laps in.

Platinum is likewise quite possibly of the densest valuable metal – – a six inch block of platinum weighs 165 lbs! So assuming you’re searching for a ring that has a significant load to it, platinum may be the ideal decision for you.

The manner in which you can see a piece of gems is produced using no less than 95% unadulterated platinum is it will be stepped either PT or PLAT.


On the off chance that gold rings interest you, you have choices. The main inquiry individuals have about gold is what the arrangement is with karats. The abbreviated form is: 24 karats=pure gold. The long form can be found in our karats blog entry. Here is the medium adaptation: despite the fact that Bruno Mars sings around 24k Wizardry in the Air, 24k won’t be sorcery on your finger, as unadulterated gold is frequently too delicate to be in any way utilized for adornments. For gold to be basically solid, it is blended in with other metal compounds. Karats demonstrate how much gold is in the ring contrasted with compounds, so a 14k ring will be 14 sections unadulterated gold out of 24, making it 58.3% unadulterated gold.

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Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is your thought process of when you consider gold, as it is gold in variety, so I will make this fast. Most yellow gold is made by consolidating unadulterated (24k) gold with combination metals like copper, zinc, and silver. As far as variety connected with karat decision, the higher karat gold you select, the more energetic the gold variety will be (as there is more unadulterated gold in the ring!). A 10k ring will be less wealthy in variety than a 14k ring which will itself be less serious in gold tone than a 18k ring.

White Gold: White gold doesn’t approach white tone! White gold is really silver in variety with a slight yellow tint and like platinum concerning appearance. The primary distinction between white gold and platinum is that white gold is more affordable, less intriguing, and less weighty.

Rose Gold: It’s depicted in The New Yorker as “what yellow gold would resemble on the off chance that it out of nowhere experienced an embarrassment” and “gold for individuals who as of now have sufficient gold.” There’s something both debauched and shy about rose gold, as it is flattering on any complexion and doesn’t generally pop however much something silver or gold in variety.

Rose gold is normally made by consolidating unadulterated 24k yellow gold with copper, silver, and once in a while, zinc. Something to note is that various karats of rose gold rings will differ in variety. For instance, a 10k ring will have 10 sections yellow gold and 14 sections copper/silver, making it more pink/ruddy, and a 18k ring will be 75% yellow gold and just 25% copper/silver, making the ring more orange in variety and less pink.