Having accomplished the difficult work of tracking down the ideal individual to use the remainder of your existence with, you’d imagine that choosing an engagement ring would be straightforward. In any case, for the vast majority of us, finding the ideal engagement ring is a test. There are apparently vast plans to browse (which, to the undeveloped eye, can appear to be identical), and there’s a lot of new wording to advance as well. In this way, it’s normal to feel overpowered or even scared by the possibility of choosing the right engagement ring.

Distinguish your financial plan

Most importantly, you’re probably going to be represented by your spending plan while you’re picking an engagement ring. Thus, begin by investigating the assets you have accessible and consider to the sum you need to spend. It very well may be useful to inquire as to whether they mind letting you know what they have spent on engagement rings previously, with the goal that you can feel sure you’re not setting your spending plan excessively high or excessively low. In any case, remember that you ought to just involve their criticism as an unpleasant aide.

What To Search For While Choosing An Engagement Ring

Now that you’ve thought about to your financial plan and what your other half could like, you really want to know how to search for an engagement ring. That implies understanding what words like tone, cut, lucidity and carat mean, as well as setting types, metal choices and shapes. Look into the terms beneath so you know precisely how to choose an engagement ring that is of great, ensuring it merits each penny.

The 4 C’s

While you’re looking for an engagement ring, or even wedding rings South Africa, there are four things you want to give close consideration to. These are named ‘the 4 Cs’ and allude to variety, cut, clearness and carat.


Variety alludes to the shade of the diamond(s) on the ring. The most important variety is white (meaning lackluster), and it works on a sliding scale from D (the most elevated rating – boring) through to Z. In the middle of between these two appraisals you’ll see that precious stones have unpretentious shaded tones.

Nonetheless, don’t be put off by jewels that aren’t totally dry. The metal utilized on the band (something you’ll study later on this aide) essentially affects the general impact. For instance, a H grade precious stone could look exceptionally clear against a rose gold band, while a G grade jewel probably won’t look very as clear against a platinum band.

Likewise, shaded precious stones can frequently be entirely important, or may be precisely very thing your other half would cherish in particular. For instance, a pink jewel or a ruby red precious stone may be the ideal decision for your accomplice and thusly ought not be ignored in light of the fact that it’s not ‘boring’.


The cut is the proportion of a precious stone’s light exhibition – basically, the manner in which it shines and sparkles in the light. In the event that a precious stone has been cut with the right extents, the light will be returned out of the highest point of the jewel. In the event that it’s been cut all in all too profound, light will get away from out of the sides and diminish the ‘brightness’. Also, in the event that it’s cut too shallow, light will spill out of the base so it doesn’t ‘amaze’ however much it should. In this way, while you’re picking an engagement ring, request insights concerning the cut and pick all that you can manage.


Lucidity alludes to the defects in a jewel. The less the defects (or ‘incorporations’, as they’re additionally alluded to), and the less apparent they are, the higher the lucidity ‘grade’ of the precious stone is. As you would expect, the higher the clearness grade, the more important the engagement ring will be.

In any case, numerous considerations are totally imperceptible to the unaided eye. Thus, while a specialist will see those defects under a magnifying lens, it’s far-fetched anybody will actually want to see them on an everyday premise. Once more, pick the most elevated lucidity grade you can manage, settling on an ‘eye-clean’ precious stone that is evaluated VS1 or higher in the event that you don’t have an especially enormous financial plan.


A precious stone’s weight is estimated in carats (in no way related to karats – a proportion of the immaculateness of gold), and as you could anticipate, the heavier the jewel (and consequently frequently the bigger), the more significant it is. Most precious stones start at 0.25 carats and go up to 3 carats.