The world is changing and we are constantly focusing on our natural resources and how we do it and beyond what we have. Now we try to produce less waste, recycle more, recycle things and usually do the right thing.

This can be seen in the way we humans live our lives, from greener cars, to controlling CO2 emissions to small things, to ensuring that we recycle waste as much as possible at home.

It used to be a stigma about being Eco Friendly, “damn hippies” or other terms used, now it’s the right thing to do and everyone is trying to do what they should.

Our handmade jewelry industry has been doing this for many years, with many artists making exotic pieces from the rest of the parts, such as recycling or reusing materials. Once the area was made of wooden rings, it was very common to find people who made great jewelry from carved, dirty wooden products.

In lumber mills and yards across the country, sticks and debris from huge forests are often removed as useless, but here a hand-made manufacturer of wood rings can only use these pieces, which are reserved for incineration or waste, for production. view product.

A variety and types of wood are used, but the most common type is any hardwood. Hardwoods have a better design and longer life than softwoods. The most commonly used hardwoods are walnuts, oaks, ash and rosewood because they are so abundant and easy to use. Many artists may also offer other varieties with some custom ring offerings, where they will choose the wood you want for your ring if you have a special requirement.

Once these materials are in the hands of the artisans, the skill turns them into beautiful jewelry. The wood usually has a highly polished outer surface that shows the natural beauty of the wood in all its beauty. Let the drawings and colors of the wood shine through (a number of nuts are definitely one of the most impressive in this area). Because wood is a natural product, no two rings are the same, the different structures and imperfections of wood make them unique and amazing. So if you want a unique piece of Eco-Friendly Jewelry, I recommend you look at some rings, I promise they will interest you.